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Hi my name is Nina Modak and I’m the founder of Eat Allergy Safe. Welcome to a place where allergies are normal.

I started Eat Allergy Safe because I know that allergies don’t have to be stressful, but not everyone knows that. I wanted to create a space allergy sufferers and allergy parents could come to for support, advice and fun!


The world has so much to offer, if only we have the confidence to explore.

I know you can live confidently, and the way you to do this is by owning your allergies. Join me on the journey!

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How To Build Confidence in Your Food Allergy Kids

How To Build Confidence in Your Food Allergy Kids

How do you build confidence in your kids with food allergies? Are there ways you can be intentional about building confidence and self-sufficiency? This is a question allergy parents ask me a lot, and the answer is “yes,” you can definitely be intentional in your...

5 Things Food Allergies Are Not

When you have a food allergy, there are misconceptions. But they are exactly that misconceptions. Here are 5 myths that I’m going to set the record straight about.   1 Food allergies cannot be cured with probiotics. Allergies can’t be fixed with...

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Allergen Free Chocolate Treats

It’s here! My new recipe book Chocolate Treats: Decadent Delights Free From the Top 14 Allergens in now available for pre-order until November 14th 2017.

This is a recipe book dedicated to proving allergies aren’t about missing out, only about doing things differently. So now you can have your cake and eat it too.

Pre-Order your copy by November 14th to guarantee delivery before Christmas. Click here to order.

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