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Resources You Might Find Useful..

Allergies can feel like they are hard to manage. But what I’ve found is that it’s all about building good habits.

But that doesn’t mean you should miss out!

I’ve put together some great resources to help you out on your journey!

Below are some of the free as well as paid resources I currently have available for you.

Free Resources

When you are on a free from diet making sweet treats can be a little more tricky…or so you might think!

Learn how you can have your chocolate and eat it too with this allergy safe guide I’ve created just for you.

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Is your child newly diagnosed with allergies? Are you finding it all a bit overwhelming or not sure where to start?

Well stop right there and start with this FREE Live Confidently With Allergies seminar series sent straight to your inbox. It’s your one stop crash course to living with allergies!

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The Eat Allergy Safe Podcast is where I chat with guests about their allergy journey, the challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve overcome them. Download and subscribe from iTunes, Stitcher Radio and the EAS website for weekly episodes helping you face the challenges of living with allergies.


Paid Resources

Doctors can give you the diagnosis but they don’t show you how you deal with allergies in day to day life. And that’s the hard part!

This course is all about giving you support and actionable strategies so that you can manage your child’s allergies confidently every day. Whether that’s doing the weekly food shop, cooking meals at home, taking trips out, telling other people and managing your own fears, I have put together the information I’ve learned into one handy place.

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