Chocolate Treats: Decadent delights free from the top 14 allergens [paperback & e-book]

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Allergies can be stressful. Let’s face it knowing an ordinary food could kill you or at least could make you really sick can be frightening. It’s shocking facing your mortality. It means everyday foods could be off the table for you. It can get awkward at parties, school, work and social gatherings when you have to say no to pretty much all the food. But what if I told you that cycle could end today?

As an allergy sufferer, I’ve been there. But having severe allergies to peanuts and tree nuts since a child, I know that allergies aren’t about missing out, they’re about doing things differently.  And it’s time you had your cake and ate it too!

This recipe book is filled with chocolate treats. From cakes to cookies, biscuits to bars and desserts to sweet morsels I have tried to develop a recipe for everyone. That’s why they’re also free from the top 14 allergens too! Just because you have a dairy allergy, egg allergy, wheat allergy, nut allergy and others, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to have treats.

Every person’s allergies are different. There is no absolute definitive baking guide for all allergies, but I have done my best to accommodate my own allergies and intolerances and the top 14 allergens. Some of you will not be able to tolerate gluten free oats or coconut. Although these are ingredients I personally use, I have added a section talking about substituting and how to go about it.

All recipes have also been blind tested on non-allergy sufferers for taste quality (i.e. they couldn’t taste the difference). I say why not just have allergy safe for all! It makes life easier and helps spread allergy awareness too.

This recipe book is a wealth of information on how to work with dairy free chocolate, allergy free baking and living with allergies. It’s about helping you feel confident in the kitchen to try new things, tricks and tips for non-traditional baking and have your kitchen smelling glorious!

What you will find in this book:

  • Allergy FAQs
  • Advice if you’re new to allergies
  • A look at the different ingredients in these recipes
  • Information and guidance on working with dairy free chocolate
  • Substitution suggestions
  • My favourite ingredients and where to buy
  • Resources for allergy support
  • More than 20 beautiful full page photographs
  • Over 25 recipes including cakes, cookies, snack bars, truffles, desserts and more…

Recipes are free from: Wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soya, sesame, lupin and of course crustaceans, fish, molluscs, sulphites, celery & mustard.

By the time you finish reading this book, my hope is that you will have grown in confidence not just in your baking but in managing allergies too. Having allergies may feel incredibly daunting in the beginning, but it really isn’t as bad as you might imagine. Life is possible, and your allergies don’t have to define you if you don’t let them.

So if you don’t want your allergies to define you, and you really would like to have safe chocolate treats back in your life, don’t delay!

Promise: I have tried to make sure there is at least one recipe in this book for everyone. If you buy this book and find there isn’t one for you, I will make one for you. Email me with your dietary restrictions and I will make a recipe that is suitable for you. That’s a promise. You will also get a refund too.

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1 review for Chocolate Treats: Decadent delights free from the top 14 allergens [paperback & e-book]

  1. Sandra

    Bought this recipe book after following your blog for a little while. Really enjoying the recipes and learning more about how to manage my allergies!!

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