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Allergen Sneaky Hiding Places: Gluten & Wheat

I’ve compiled a handy list of foods containing gluten to help you know where some sneaky gluten invaders that could be lurking.  Use this to help you do your food shopping and avoid being glutened again. Don’t Get Glutened! List of Foods You Would Never Know Contained...

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How to Decipher Allergen Warning Labels

Every day I am checking ingredients labels. With a nut allergy it’s just part of my food habits. I don’t think about it that much any more, because as I said it’s one of my habits to double and triple check. But how do you figure out which warning label is ok and...

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Allergen Sneaky Hiding Place List: Nuts & Peanuts

… Foods You Wouldn’t Know Had Tree Nuts & Peanuts In Them Nougat Praline Marzipan Chocolate Bars Beware of orange chocolate, it often contains almonds Pick ’n’ Mix Be aware of chocolate covered almond, Brazil nuts, peanuts etc Pesto Can contain pine nuts, cashews...

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The Allergy Week Issue 005

Find anything interesting? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Leave comment below to start a discussion. You can also get this straight to your inbox, simply enter your email in the box to the right >>   Recipe of the Week Have you got any...

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