Allergy Free Baking Kit FLASH Giveaway!! Ends Tuesday at 5pm with Bakeit FreeFrom

Allergy Free Baking Kit FLASH Giveaway!! Ends Tuesday at 5pm with Bakeit FreeFrom

Bakeit FreeFrom Baking Kit Giveaway & Review

Giveaway Entry Details

It’s giveaway time! I have teamed up with Bakeit FreeFrom for a baking kit giveaway! All you need to do is answer this simple question and leave your answer in a comment below!

The question is: What would you be willing pay for 6 cupcakes?

Deadline: Tuesday 17th July at 5pm 

*only for UK residents.

Make sure you keep an eye on your email inbox! I’ll be emailing the winner on Tuesday night to get your address so your prize can be posted to you on Wednesday!!

Bakeit Free From Cupcakes Review

A couple weeks ago the lovely team at Bakeit FreeFrom asked if I would be the subject for their cupcakes in the post trial. My first thought was just so long as the cupcakes are not free and gluten free, if they were, I was absolutely ok with being a test subject!

Unfortunately the weather was against us! The vegan chocolate butter cream couldn’t stand the heat.

I feel for Bakeit FreeFrom. When I first started Eat Allergy Safe (nee NM Cakes) I made allergy free cakes and fresh food. Posting cakes was something I did a huge amount of research into. How do you get the cupcakes to arrive in the condition they were finished in?? As we see from this experiment, Royal Mail and the heat didn’t help matters. However although presentation is important to a point, the taste is the deciding factor:

Below is a little video my boyfriend and I made while we were trying them for the first time:

The texture of the sponge was brilliant. It is so difficult to make gluten free, egg free and dairy free cakes that have a sponge exactly like ‘normal’ cakes as those of you will know who have my recipe book. However, these chocolate orange cupcakes I was sent were brilliant; the sponge was light, held together well and wasn’t stodgy.

The taste of the sponge was also good. One thing I hate about some allergy free cupcakes is how sweet they and usually leave a clawing after taste, but these didn’t. I would prefer more orange flavour in the sponge personally, but if you are making at home, you can add as much or as little as you like. 

However I think my favourite part of the cupcake was the chocolate vegan buttercream. It reminded me of the Betty Crocker frosting you can get at the supermarket. Bakeit FreeFrom buttercream was pure indulgence and SO chocolate! I loved it 🙂

ALLERGY INFORMATION: the cupcakes are top 14 allergen free!! wahey!

Remember to Enter!

Remember to enter the flash giveaway by saying how much you would be willing to pay for 6 cupcakes in the comments below. Write your email in the box provided (it will stay hidden, only I can see it!!) and the winner will be emailed on Tuesday night!

Deadline to enter: Tuesday 17th July, 5pm

This giveaway was organised by Free From Comms Collective.

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