Helping Children Live Safely With Allergies: The Parent’s Guide

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Build Confidence

Empower Your Child

Live Stress Free

Doctors can give you the diagnosis but they don’t show you how you deal with allergies in day to day life. And that’s the hard part!

This course is all about giving you support and actionable strategies so that you can manage your child’s allergies confidently.

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My Personal Anaphylaxis Story

Hi, my name is Nina Modak. I’m the founder of Eat Allergy Safe. My parent’s found out that I was severely allergic to nuts at 9 months old – this was discovered by accident. As you can imagine, my parents were freaked out! At this time, there was no internet, there were no mobile phones, and allergies weren’t that common.

At 3 years old, I was diagnosed with anaphylaxis to tree nuts and peanuts. This means that I have the most severe type of allergy which at worst could lead to my death.

Fast forward over 20 years and I haven’t missed out on anything. I’ve been to primary and secondary school, school trips both day-trips & overnight trips, holidays with family and friends, I took a gap year, went to University, lived away from home, AND I’ve backpacked across Europe and India (bet you never expected that one :-p)!

[From left to right]: My boyfriend Grant, me, Mum, and Dad at the Allergy and Free From Show in Liverpool!

“As a grown-up allergy kid I’ve discovered strategies that work”

This Course is Essential for Parents who:

  1. Have children with allergies and need to be constantly vigilant.
  2. Have to check ingredient labels on everything!
  3. Want to empower their children so that nothing bad happens when they can’t be there.

Unfortunately we cannot ban allergens from children’s lives. Of course this is manageable as long as a parent is present, but what happens when you’re not? The best strategy is to arm yourself and your child with effective tools to curb this threat.

By doing that it is possible to help your child avoid the dangers of allergic reactions whilst still living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.

Empowering your children is the most effective way to curb the threat of allergic reactions.

In This Course I Will Show You How

I draw on teachings from top allergy experts, both mine and my parents experience plus much more! I’ve created simple strategies that work. They help your child to see the world through the eyes of not an allergy ‘sufferer’, but rather to see everything as an opportunity. That way they never feel like they miss out. They never feel like they are different to the other kids. In fact, once they try some of the bonus recipes from this course the ‘normal’ kids will be asking for your kids lunch instead of the other way around!

The course is currently in post production and will launch in January 2017. Registration for Group 1 starting in January has now closed.

Registration for Group 2 starting March 2017 is now open! Registration closes 10th February 2017, and we have a special offer for those who sign up by the end of January! So hurry before it’s too late!

Course Contents

Video tutorials covering:

  • Taming your allergy fears
  • Methods to manage allergy risks
  • How your child can stay allergy safe in an unsafe world

Video tutorials covering:

  • How your supermarket trip can be quicker and easier
  • Top tips for online shopping
  • Shopping list templates and recipes to download

Video tutorials covering:

  • How to tell other people about your allergy needs
  • How to deal with people who don’t believe you
  • Plus, how to deal with those people who still won’t listen

Video tutorials covering:

  • How to travel with allergies including:
    • Day trips
    • Family holidays abroad
  • Preparation tips and tricks

Let’s Cook!

  • How to make food fun again! –> one of our favourites!
  • Make food an adventure with your allergic child.
  • Build food confidence
  • How to manage food aversion after an allergic reaction
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • PDF Notes
  • Recipe cards
  • and more!!

Sign up now and empower your child to live a live full of confidence!

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Group 2 registration ends 10th February 2017. Group 2 course starts: March 2017.

Group 1 course starts: January 2017 (Registration Closed)