It’s not very often I get to talk to allergy Mum’s who are coming to the end of their journey. This week I am excited to introduce you to Sarah Chapman blogger and founder of The Allergy Matters Conference (inaugural year October 19th, 2018!!). 

Sarah walks me through her journey raising 2 allergy kids, one who has had their allergies since a baby and her daughter who developed allergies as a teenager. She has managed allergies including nuts, dairy, soya and Oral Allergy Syndrome. 

We talk about the road of discovery, diagnosis, raising the kids, eating out, being teenagers and now how they are managing their allergies on their own. 

Sarah talks about her experiences in hindsight, how to manage the anxiety, the difference between children being diagnosed in the 1990s and children being diagnosed now. 

We then go on to talk about the Allergy Matters Conference that Sarah is organising taking place in Runcorn, UK on October 19th 2018. There are a number of speakers including healthcare professionals and allergy organisations who will be there and we get a sneak peak at who will be there! 

To book your ticket to the Allergy Matters Conference, click here.

Top 3 Tips For New Allergy Parents

  1. Know your rights – NICE guidelines
  2. If things are getting worse, call your allergist and push to get your appointment brought forward
  3. Understand what food allergies, anaphylaxis, and environmental allergies are and the different types of reactions are


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