In today’s episode I talk with podcast listener allergy Mum Jessica. Jessica is a mum to two allergy kids, her 2 year old daughter (nut and egg allergy) and 5 month old son (dairy free, and who joins us on the episode).

Jessica has just finished her first year of being an allergy Mum and she tells me what its been like. She shares how some things have got easier and what she is concerned about for the future.

Although this wasn’t originally a coaching call, towards the end of the episode I offer an alternative ways to think about having nuts in the house, I ask Jessica to talk about why she felt guilty for eating nuts even when she is away from her daughter, and offer a way to think about planning for the future.

At the end of the episode Jessica shares what our chat has made her think about and what she’s learned from our chat.



Useful links for how to teach your children about allergic reactions, and how to explain what an allergic reaction might be like to your child:

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