Q: I had an unexpected close call this evening. We went out to dinner with a couple we just met. We all met at Denny’s – as they have been awesome with us and my 16 month daughter’s pn allergy. I always bring food from home for my girl just in case, and was explaining to the other couple about my girl’s allergy and how severe it is, how we have to be so careful about foods prepped around peanuts and butter- you know the drill when you tell new people. Well we all go to order our food and this other lady orders PEANUT BUTTER PANCAKES. I can’t even. It’s got this peanut butter sauce all over it dripping everywhere. So I tell the waitress how my food needs to be cooked separately (because obviously) and was silently freaking out. I gave my husband THAT look and stared at this woman like, did she just not pay attention to what I just said? My daughter is ana to pn. I don’t know how to handle these situations with people and do not have the ability to be diplomatic sometimes when I’m in freak out mode. What would you have done? (Note- to complicate- they had two young boys sharing food with mom, who were very eager to play with my girl and I wouldn’t let them.) 

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