Having travel insurance is incredibly important when you are off on an adventure, it’s kind of like your safety net just incase you need medical help while away from home. But just because you have insurance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be sensible. Here is some sensible brought to you from my friends at insurancewith.com.

5 Precautions To Take With Your Diet Whilst Travelling

Food is inarguably a major part of travelling, with so many delectable dishes to be discovered around the world. With that being said, it’s crucial to consider your diet and what you’re putting into your body. Here are five precautions to take with your diet whilst travelling.

Be cautious when you first arrive

One of the most important things to bear in mind when travelling is that many dishes are very spicy, especially in hotspots throughout South America and Southeast Asia—so much so, that if you chow down on a particularly hot dish as soon as you arrive, you could find yourself falling ill and ruining the rest of your trip.

Be sure to be sensible with your choice of food when you first arrive at your destination, if they’re known for their particularly spicy cuisine. Work your way up, as your stomach may not be as tolerant to the hotter, more daring dishes as you think it is.

Eat from reputable sources

Although following the crowds isn’t always recommended, it’s worth doing so when it comes to finding the right place to eat. Street food, despite being consistently popular with travelers in nearly every hotspot, is a risky choice if you’re unsure of the safety of certain vendors. 

With the risk of cross-contamination, it’s important to be extra careful in case an allergy flares up—or, if you suffer from a condition such as coeliac disease, it could worsen your health if you aren’t careful.

Make sure you ask around and find out the best places to grab a bite to eat. It’s not worth gambling on a spot you’re unsure of if it leads to illness further down the line.

Check what ingredients are in your food

If you suffer from an illness that could be affected by what you eat—diabetes, for example—be careful with your choice of cuisine. Make sure you know exactly what is in each dish, and ensure you aren’t consuming anything that’ll cause any illness or allergy to flare up.

Alcohol and drugs can also affect what you eat, so be sure to remain vigilant of your intake. For allergies, if you’re unsure of the ingredients in a certain dish, be sure to ask the vendor or waiter/waitress. If they’re unable to help you, choose an option you’re sure is safe.

Know your limits

Don’t overindulge on food whilst you travel. Sure, you want to try a bit of everything, but going overboard will have a negative effect on your health and leave you with a lot of work to do once you’re home. This is especially true if you’re prone to heart problems or any other serious illness—things such as drinking alcohol should be avoided as outlined by Insurancewith in order to stay healthy on your travels.

Although it’s a holiday and you likely want to make the most of the newly-found cuisine, eating too much is a common issue with travelers, effectively leaving them with an extra souvenir they may not have planned on bringing home.

Broaden your horizons

Of course, self-restraint is important—but be sure to test your tastebuds and broaden your horizons with the weird and wonderful dishes you’re bound to encounter during your travels.

From tarantulas in Cambodia to balut in the Philippines, all the way through to the rocky mountain oysters of the USA, each and every country around the world has a local delicacy that might test the strength of your stomach. However, it’s all part of the experience, so don’t be afraid to dive in.

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