Laura is the creator and found of The Food Diary Co, the only diary out there to help you track your food and symptoms with the purpose of figuring out what’s going on with your body!

I found Laura on instagram and thought the diary is a fantastic idea! I knew I had to get her on the podcast to talk about how and why she created it. So that’s exactly what today’s episode is about. 

Laura shares her personal food diagnosis journey, discovering her coeliac disease and some other intolerances along the way. She tells me about what she’s learned, how she adapted her lifestyle, diet and how the diary was instrumental to gaining back control.

Top 3 Tips For Figuring Out What’s Wrong

  1. Keep a food diary, don’t change anything and write everything down
  2. Take the diary to a GP or nutritionist and asked them to help you to figure out what’s going on
  3. Remember, it get’s easier!

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