Allie Bahn is a grownup allergy kid, blogger at Miss Allergic Reactor and one of the founding members of Allergy Travels.

I today’s episode Allie shares her journey growing up with her multiple severe allergies to peanuts, nuts, shellfish, potato and more, and asthma and environmental allergies. We talk all about what it’s like growing up with food allergies, how to transition to adulthood and our passion for empowering food allergy kids!

Allie shares how she manages to travel and stay safe with her allergies not letting her from travelling across her home country of America and living abroad in Italy! In her professional life Allie was a teacher, I ask her about how she communicated with her students about her allergy so she could stay safe in the classroom too.

Finally in this episode, I ask Allie’s opinion of the Peter Rabbit Movie. At the point I interviewed Allie it had just come out in the US but we were waiting for it in the UK. Now that it’s about to release on DVD, Allie shares her opinion on what she saw.

Top 3 Tips to Empower Food Allergy Kids


  1. Use a chef card (card describing your allergies to give to restaurant staff and chefs)
  2. Teach your kids to advocate for themselves by getting them to model you: including what to say, how to use medication, safe snacks and making no assumptions
  3. Always have your medication with you, it’s a non-negotiable
  4. It’s about making allergies part of your normal life

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