Julianne Ponan is a multi-award winning entrepreneur who at the age of 22 took over the failing company Creative Nature as CEO and within 2 years took it out of debt. She is also a Virgin Startup Mentor and fellow grownup allergy kid. She has multiple severe allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, chickpeas, coconut, aniseed, some perfumes and many other foods.

I ask Julianne about growing up with allergies, how she has grown in confidence over the years and how that has impacted her life. From being the allergy kid at her own table, going to University and working in Beijing. Julianne reflects on her experiences of living with allergies and how they don’t have to hold you back and can be managed successfully.

We talk about how she has grown Creative Nature from product testing in the kitchen to her products being stocked in Tesco, Ocado, Co-op and soon Pharmacies. I also quiz Julianne on the factory protocols and standards to make sure products are safe, this is one of the companies that I actually trust because Creative Nature products are suitable for Julianne’s allergies (all apart from the peanut bar)!

Take a listen to find out more and learn Julianne’s advice for starting your own business.

Top 3 Tips When Living With Food

  1. Follow positive people in the allergy community
  2. Be honest with yourself because things aren’t going to change
  3. If you’re having a problem, get out there and make a difference

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