Ryan Panchoo is the award winning baker and founder of Borough 22. Borough 22 is a free from startup specialising in gluten free doughnuts with many vegans options. Ryan started Borough 22 in his home kitchen and he now supplies to the likes of Selfridges, as well as local cafes and shops.

In this episode I hear the Borough 22 journey, how the need to be gluten free and dairy free at home led Ryan to start making doughnuts. He also shares what he found difficult living gluten and dairy free, how he developed his products. We talk all about the fails, the successes, and how its going now.

If you’ve ever thought about starting a business, start here. Listen to Ryan’s story and hear about his inspirations and when he decided to go full time.

Top 3 Tips For Starting a Free From Business

  1. Have a goal then work backwards to work out the steps to get there
  2. Take inspiration and learn from the big companies in your industry
  3. Know who your customer is and look after them

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