Ellie Heintze is a doctor and acupuncturist with personal experience of living with severe food allergies. In this episode Ellie shares her journey from chemist to discovering her food allergies and how it changed her family’s life.

As I have a Doctor on the show, I about the difference between IgE, IgG, non-IgE and sensitives to food. Ellie tells me what the differences are and how the reactions can differ.

Over her personal journey and professional career, Ellie developed her “Food Allergy Formula,” an online course designed to show how the transition to eating free from allergens can be fun and easy. I ask her to walk me through her formula and how it can help other allergy sufferers and parents.

 I am really passionate about helping people make the change to eating “allergy-free” fun and easy and “ending the overwhelm.” – Ellie Heintze

Top 3 Tips When Living With Food

  1. Find support
  2. Always ask about allergens
  3. Get everyone involved! (family, friends, be involved yourself)

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