Today’s Guest:

Marci Komssi



Marci Komssi is an allergy mum who has twin boys, but only one has an allergy. Her son was diagnosed with severe allergies to dairy, soya, peanuts, tree nuts and environmental allergies 13 years ago. Marci talks me through her journey finding her way through being allergy safe at a time there wasn’t as much information as now. During this time Marci’s son has had number of severe allergic reactions which have happened out of the blue.

What You’ll Learn:

I ask Marci about her experiences of her son’s allergic reactions and having to administer his epipen (epinephrine pen). We talk about how these experiences, although difficult have been an incredibly important learning experience. Marci and her husband looked at and re-evaluated how they handled allergies and how the school should handle allergies.

When allergy kids turn into allergy teens can be a tough time. Not only do they have allergies, they also have hormones. How should your parenting change to accommodate this change? I ask Marci exactly this. Marci shares her tips and has the most amazing strategy! Check out the episode from 19:00. I promise you will be inspired!

Marci also talks me through how she happened to start Allerware and the temporary allergy alert tattoos and bracelets.


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