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The Allergy Chef, Kathlena


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Today I talk with Kathlena, The Allergy Chef. Her own journey as been the exception in the allergy community. Her allergies present as mimicking mental health issues, allergic reactions, and other symptoms. They are not typical and this meant it has taken decades to have a proper diagnosis. Kathlena tells me about managing her own allergies, having a family with allergies and starting a business.

What You’ll Learn:

Kathlena has allergies to foods, chemicals and the environment, but this hasn’t stopped her from living her life. Her allergies are so severe that she has to where a mask to go outside. I think this is such a brilliant solution to overcome of a challenge, and it’s so brilliant because it is SO simple! No fuss, just a solution.

Kathlena tells me about her journey and how when her kids were born and their allergies were discovered she started a business to produce allergy friendly food and start educating the wider world.

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We talk about the worry that comes with food allergies. The worry of getting a diagnosis, going food shopping, dealing with other people and the danger associated with allergies. But we also discuss what are the risks? How do we manage those risks and our own anxieties especially as a parent. Kathlena has some special advice for parents who are the worrier type, if thats you listen from 27:00 – 36:00 on the track.

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When it comes to allergies you have to think about how you can be practical. How can you have the life you want and not let your allergies define you? Kathlena and I talk about how we need to be practical, how it’s about taking the challenges and turning them in to a problem you want to solve. We allergy sufferers and parents need to be problem solvers. But if you don’t feel like this is you, the beauty of being human is that we change, we can adapt and we can develop. But only if we choose to.

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Allergy Chef Resources – bakery and book shop. Also has resources and education links. – blog with hundreds of free recipes – website about outreach program, with food find resources

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