Today’s Guest:

Natalie Rhone


INSTAGRAM: @nonuts4me

In today’s episode I talk to Natalie Rhone. She developed adult onset anaphylaxis and has steadily developed more and more allergies meaning that her daily meals has had to be chicken and potatoes because it’s the only things she doesn’t react to…I mean that sounds crazy!?

So what is life like? What was it like developing allergies later in life and then continuing to develop more and more. I get Natalie to tell me about her journey, the whole lot of it and where she’s got to. It’s a tough road she’s on but she’s decided that the allergies aren’t going to rule her life. This is part of why she started No Nuts 4 Me. The blog is the base for the documentary film she is doing on allergies. Why do we get them? What we should know about diagnosis, medication, OIT. The lot. I’m so excited to see it. If you’re on her email list you get to see sneak peaks by the way…


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