Have you ever wondered what kids think about their food allergies? Is it as scary as we allergies think it is? Or is there a silver lining? Over the months of September and October I will be publishing the Allergy Kids Mini Series. Each week I will be talking to kids with food allergies about what they really think about having allergies and how they live with them everyday. These allergy kids range from as young as 4 years old all the way up to the grownup allergy kids. The aim of this mini series is to give you an insight into the thoughts, likes, dislikes, worries and celebrations of allergy kids and how it changes over the years. Many times allergy parents can worry that their child with allergies will miss out and will have a worse quality to life, but I know this isn’t the case and these allergy kids will show you how they don’t miss out, they just do things differently. Enjoy!

Today’s Grownup Allergy Kids:

Amanda, grown up allergy kid with multiple severe food allergies (peanuts, tree nuts, legumes, dairy soya, chicken and some fruits) and her best friend Joella.

In the penultimate episode of the Allergy Kids mini series we have reached our grown up allergy kids. For many kids, we are going to have our allergies for life. We are going to have to navigate the world and do all those normal things like school. But when you’re at school, you’re still living at home. You still have your parents hounding you with “have you got your medication with you?” “have you told your friends about your allergies?” “don’t forget to ask about ingredients!” But what is life like with allergies, outside the home bubble?

Nowadays, most teenagers head off to university, or college if you’re in the US. You have to then meet all these new people and tell your brand new flatmates that you have life threatening.

Amanda and Joella met at university, a time when they were “learning to adult.” Amanda wasn’t confident with her allergies. In the beginning she told  her new housemates by leaving a note on the fridge with the list of things she was allergic to. She didn’t want to feel a nuisance by telling people. Interestingly, Joella and Amanda’s boyfriend wanted to know why Amanda didn’t tell people, because it’s kind of important.

”As Click To Tweet and accepted it. – Amanda @EAFLifestyle” username=”eatallergysafe”]

To Joella, Amanda wasn’t living in a way that means she was missing out. Joella forgets that she has allergies because her cooking is “amazing” and whenever they meet new people this is her introduction of Amanda. Joella describes how delicious the kitchen smelled when they were in university, Joella found it amazing and surprising that even though she had so many restrictions that she could make such delicious meals you would never guess where allergen free.

””[having Click To Tweet “no it’s not sad!” – Joella @EAFLifestyle” username=”eatallergysafe”]

University gave them a birds eye view that having allergies is a who lifestyle and this is what brought Amanda and Joella to start Everyday Allergen Free. What are the challenges that adult and teens facing and how can we look at these challenges and make a positive place to address these issues.

Allergy Kid Top Tips:

Joella Top Best Friend Tips:

  1. Take that extra 10 minutes to think through how to be allergy safe
  2. Communicate about your allergy! (If you’re nervous about it: tell people before, call the restaurant before)
  3. Show people that you can look after your allergy, because you are responsible for your allergy


Amanda’s Top Tips:

  1. Surround yourself with good friends who care about you
  2. Just own your allergy: the earlier you start the better for you
  3. Get in the kitchen and start creating
  4. Don’t be shy about your allergy, because there is always someone out there like you even if you don’t realise it



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