Have you ever wondered what kids think about their food allergies? Is it as scary as we allergies think it is? Or is there a silver lining? Over the months of September and October I will be publishing the Allergy Kids Mini Series. Each week I will be talking to kids with food allergies about what they really think about having allergies and how they live with them everyday. These allergy kids range from as young as 4 years old all the way up to the grownup allergy kids. The aim of this mini series is to give you an insight into the thoughts, likes, dislikes, worries and celebrations of allergy kids and how it changes over the years. Many times allergy parents can worry that their child with allergies will miss out and will have a worse quality to life, but I know this isn’t the case and these allergy kids will show you how they don’t miss out, they just do things differently. Enjoy!

Today’s Allergy Kid:

Juliet, 21 years old, anaphylaxis to tree nuts

Juliet is a 21 year old college student with a tree nut allergy, but not a peanut allergy. Her parents discovered her tree nut allergy when she was a little kid. As a kid her family used to go out to dinner a lot, but then one accidental cross-contamination incident at a trusted bakery rocked her confidence. Juliet didn’t want to eat out any more. She stopped eating out at restaurants for fear of cross-contamination. Then something changed. Juliet went to University in New York City and wanted to eat something different. She tried googling “nut free restaurants in New York,” but couldn’t find anything! As a 21st century young woman, this “kinda offended me,” says Juliet so she decided to make her own list. This is how her blog nutfreenewyork.com started.

Connect with Juliet on Instagram @nutfreeny

Allergy Kid Top Tips:

  1. Get out there and try new things
  2. Don’t get complacent
  3. Don’t trust everything a waiter says, trust your instincts



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