Over the months of September and October will be the `Allergy Kids Series. I will be talking to kids of all ages about what they think about having allergies and how they live with them everyday. I will be interviewing kids from as young as 4 years old all the way up to the grownup allergy kids. The aim of this mini series is to give you an insight into the thoughts, likes, dislikes, worries and celebrations of allergy kids and how it changes over the years. Enjoy!

Today’s Allergy Kids:

Alice, 9 years old

Milly, 7 years old

Elodie, 4 years old


Allergy Kids 3 Top Tips

  1. Memorise your allergies
  2. Tell people your allergies
  3. Don’t eat what you’re allergic to


Allergy Mum’s Top Tips

  1. Talk to people, get advice
  2. You know your child best, you know when they’re poorly


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