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Laura Kenny


TWITTER: @dairyfreekids 

This week I talk to Laura Kenny allergy mum and blogger over at She is an Ireland based blogger with two dairy free kids. Laura tells me all about her journey to figuring out her boys could not tolerate dairy, the difficulties she’s had and how she’s managed to persevere.

What You’ll Learn:

Laura Kenny has two boys, 8 and 5 years old who are dairy free. Laura had quite a job getting to diagnosis. Her boys would be up crying in the night, have hard bloated stomachs and she just couldn’t figure out what was wrong. She went to the doctors hoping to get an answer and he eldest son went through testing. Laura’s youngest suffered from silent reflux as a baby, and it is was when she started bottle feeding her son that she suspected a milk allergy or intolerance in her youngest too.

Laura and her family are based in Ireland. She tells me about the difficulty she had getting her boys diagnosed. In Ireland there doesn’t seem to be a ‘milk ladder’ challenge like in the UK. Laura shares that a problem in Ireland is that there isn’t a system for diagnosis or at least a system in which patients can follow to figure out what may be an allergy. Nor to follow in monitoring a child’s progress, such as the ‘milk ladder.’

Once Laura figured out dairy was a problem for her boys, she had to start re-educating herself and her family. One of the things that Laura learned was where you can find milk and milk proteins in products, the usual like butter, milk and cheese and also the not so usual like ham slices. This was one of the most important things. Reading labels was daunting in the beginning but it got easier.

Laura was not an avid cook in the beginning but she wanted to make sure her boys could always eat in their house. So she would look for dairy free alternatives but if she couldn’t find, she would make them herself. This became really usual when it came time to sending her boys to school. She  would send in dairy free alternatives to make sure her boys didn’t ever feel left out.

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We talk about the importance of communication. Communication is important for both explaining to the children about their allergies, telling the school/teachers/carers/family/friends and also for making sure your child can communicate about their allergies and just in case they have eaten something they are allergic to.

I ask Laura also to talk about looking back in hindsight what she would do differently and what advice she has for other parents. For parents who knows their child is reacting to some food but doesn’t know what it is.

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