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Angela & Iris

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This week I am talking to two of the three women behind the #alwayscarrytwo campaign. Angela, Iris and Lindsey are all allergy mums determined to make a difference for allergy families. In this interview I talk with Angela and Iris about dealing with post reaction anxiety and post-traumatic stress both in children and parents, getting ready for teenage years, teaching the schools how to accept and cater for allergies and the importance of carrying to adrenaline auto-injector pens (AAI).

What You’ll Learn:

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Angela and Iris tell me about their journey learning to deal with their children’s allergies.

Angela’s daughter developed an allergy to nuts the summer before she started secondary school. They discovered it on their family holiday! This came as a shock to Angela and her family especially as this holiday had meant to be some time to relax after dealing with some other health problems their daughter had had.

Iris’ son is now 8 and as a young child suffered a number of severe allergic reactions. This impacted Iris and her son’s well being quite acutely. Iris was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and her son suffered with a huge amount of anxiety about his allergy. Angela tells me about how this impacted their family, their friends and how they journeyed back to health.

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Iris and Angela talk to me about the importance of not letting the anxiety get the better of you. They believe that if you give into the anxiety you will limit your life and your child’d life, which won’t do them any good. Iris shares how she helped her son get over his anxiety. She talks about the practical steps and actions she took to build his confidence, own his fears and anxiety.

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Last year, 2016, the guidelines for carrying 2 adrenaline auto-injector pens changed. Angela started the #alwayscarrytwo petition many years ago but with the new guidelines suggesting that allergy sufferers only need one adrenaline pen, Angela, Iris and Lindsey re-boosted the petition. The petition is about raising awareness, education and keeping allergy sufferers safe. Angela, Lindsey and Iris question “how can we risk-assess allergies?” They want to work with the doctors and researchers to find safe and workable guidelines that would not adversely affect an allergy sufferers quality of life and keep them safe.

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Angela’s 3 top tips for dealing with allergy anxiety:

  1. Find a forum to talk to people or call Allergy UK
  2. Learn to advocate for allergies and teach your child to advocate for themselves
  3. Have a support network with your friends and family, but be patient with them too!


Iris’ 3 top tips for dealing with allergy anxiety:

  1. Talk! Don’t hold it in or bottle it up. Talk with friends/in support groups/
  2. Don’t put your anxiety as a parent onto your child or stop your child from doing things
  3. Carry 2 adrenaline pens


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