Today’s show is a little different from our usual interview format. This episode is going to be much more informal because the weekend of July 7-9 was the Allergy & Free From Show at London Olympia. I was one of many exhibitors at the show and Alessandra Bester, founder of Functional Food Company, fellow exhibitor and past podcast guest suggested to me, why not do an episode talking about our experiences at the show.

I thought well, that’s a great idea! The Allergy Shows are a big deal for exhibitors because it’s where we get to meet all of you.

Alessandra and I talk about what it’s like preparing for the Allergy & Free From Show London. We chat about our experiences at the show, meeting listeners, customers, fans, and meeting new allergy families. We also chat about some of the other great exhibitors we met, products we tried and ask you what you think about us.

After all your aim is to help people smile. We want to show that even when you have a restrictive diet because of allergies, intolerances, coeliac disease, IBS or other auto-immune diseases you can still live life and enjoy it! So your feedback is crucial to us!

Please leave a comment below for us and tell us what you thought of the show?!


Listen to Alessandra’s story and inspirational words on the episode 20 of the podcast, click here to listen.


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