Today’s Guest:

Samara Carroll


TWITTER: @CarrollCounsell

Samara Carroll is an allergy sufferer who has made her profession into helping families and kids dealing with food allergies. In today’s episode I talk to Samara all about growing up with food allergies and how she helps others battle and overcome their allergy anxieties.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Diagnosed with peanut and tree nut allergy as a child
  • At 18 years old she grew out of her tree nut allergy but discovered through allergy tests that she was now allergic to shellfish
  • I ask Samara to tell me about the food challenges she had to go through
  • She tells me about how she adapted to the change, especially the psychological aspect of “getting used to a new normal”
  • Samara talks me through how she conquered her allergy anxiety
  • Samara tells me about how her parents taught her about her allergies and that she can navigate life with allergies
  • We talk about practising looking after allergies and once you’ve practised in one situation, the second time is much easier and it builds up your confidence
  • We talk about Samara’s travelling experiences around Israel and parts of Europe in her early 20s
  • She tells me how she prepared for her travelling such as allergy cards translated into the languages of the countries she visited
  • During her university life she did an exchange where she was living in a new country at the new university with new roommates
  • Samara tells me how she educated her new roommates and friends about her allergies
  • We talked about being a student how to navigated restaurants, eating out and the student budget as well as allergy friendly alternatives
  • Samara and I chat about relationships and telling your other half about your allergies
  • We talk about the practical sides of making relationships work and navigating allergies, but that its not difficult just a part of learning to be in a relationship
  • I ask Samara about her professional life as an allergy counsellor
  • She tells me she works with kids and families to help them with food allergy anxiety
  • Samara talks me through a typical session and the exercises she teaches to help reduce their anxiety and increase confidence


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