Today’s Guest:

Kate McKay


INSTAGRAM: @katemckaymakeup

YouTube: @Kate McKay Makeup

Today I talk with an old school friend, Kate McKay. We were allergy buddies. But what Kate is going to sharing with me is her experience of having severe eczema throughout her life and how she learned to have confidence, love herself and not care what other people think. This is a fantastic episode and I can’t wait for you to listen!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Kate McKay is a makeup artist with extreme eczema which covers
  • Kate tells me the story of how she got into make up
  • We talk about feeling insecure as  a young girl having eczema
  • Kate tells me about how she changed her profession from teacher to make up
  • At her first make up job with Australian make-up store Meca: she became known as ‘Eczema Girl’
  • We chat about how this made her feel self-conscious at first but now how she owns that title
  • We talk about the naive reactions of other people when they don’t know what eczema was: was  it catching
  • Kate talks about dealing with being stared because of the extreme eczema on her face and hands
  • She tells me the point she realised it was other people’s problem
  • She tells me about how she can now go out the house with no make up and still feel good
  • We chat about Kate’s morning and evening skin routine
  • She tells me about some of her favourite products on the market
  • Kate tells me about her blog and YouTube channel which is aimed at girls who have eczema



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