Today’s Guest:

Lisa Rutter


FACEBOOK: @nonutsmomsgroup

No Nuts Moms Group

No Nuts Moms Group

Lisa Rutter is the founder of No Nuts Mom’s Group. It is the largest and most international support group in the allergy community with groups all over the world. Lisa tells me the story of how it started and what a difference it has made in her family’s allergy journey.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Lisa tells me the story of her son’s diagnosis
  • She tells me how her journey started with being very ignorant and with a lot of mis-information
  • Lisa tells me that once the diagnosis of anaphylaxis to nuts came here attitude completely changed
  • In the beginning she felt quite isolated and really wanted to meet other mums like her
  • Lisa tells me how her family’s life changed after her son’s diagnosis
  • We chat about how she has be teaching her son about his allergies and the precautions they take to keep him safe
  • We also chat about teaching her other children about allergies
  • Lisa tells me how she started up No Nuts Mom’s Group
  • She tells me how she wanted it to be free for everyone
  • We also chat about the fun activities that each group set up such as non food easter egg hunts, halloween carnivals, mum’s night outs, and family outings
  • Lisa talks to me about how the No Nuts Mom’s Group has made a difference in her life
  • She tells me how it’s been a support system for her and her family
  • Lisa also why she thinks food allergies are great
  • Lastly, Lisa tells me how you could start your very own group!

3 Top Tips for New Allergy Mums and Dads:

  1. Read and learn as much as you can
  2. Don’t let food allergies define you
  3. Find as much support as you can

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