Today’s Guest:

Veronica Esquino



We’ve all heard of THAT allergy parent, but when do you become one? Veronica tells me her story of how she became THAT parent. She shares with me her story as an allergy mum caring for her daughters, what she’s learned and how PINK & GRAY came about.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Veronica has been an allergy mum for 5 and half years now
  • She has 3 daughters; one with allergies, one with epilepsy, and one with no medical needs
  • She tells me the story of her daughter’s diagnosis to milk, sesame, egg and peanuts
  • Veronica had no experience of allergies before her daughter
  • Allergies were unheard of where she grew up in Mexico
  • Unlike other parents, Veronica didn’t experience a shocking reaction to discover the reaction and this influenced how she treated the allergy in her daughter’s early life
  • Veronica talks to me about how her daughter, even though only 5 years old  she takes her allergy seriously and has learned to be responsible
  • Veronica tells me the story of when the severity of her daughter’s allergies hit home
  • We chat about teaching all your children about allergens and cross-contamination
  • We also talk about how Veronica and her husband have helped their non-allergic daughter to feel included and not left out
  • Veronica tells me the story of how PINK & GRAY started and why she wanted to create cute medical bags for her daughter’s to carry
  • She tells me what PINK & GRAY means

Veronica’s 3 top tips for allergy mums and dads:

  1. Be open
  2. Be careful and prepared
  3. Carry your medication


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