Today’s Guest:

Tara Taylor


TWITTER: @GoodGrainBakery

Today I talk with Tara Taylor, founder of the Good Grain Bakery. She tells me about her free from journey with intolerances, hay fever and IBS and how she’s curing her pain and living her life. She also tells me about how she started her organic, gluten free and vegan bread company.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Tara tells me the story of her free from journey including IBS, intolerances both to top 14  allergens and non-top 14 allergens
  • She stopped eating wheat and gluten when she was 16 after realising it didn’t agree with her
  • I find out that Tara has to eliminate gluten, wheat, dairy, aubergine and although not a vegan pretty much follows a vegan diet to help heal her gut
  • She tells me about her dietary experiments on herself to figure out what’s wrong with her
  • She tells me about finally sorting out her diet fixed her eczema, hay fever and hives
  • She tells me how she started experimenting with her bread maker and gluten free bread making
  • Tara talks me through the story of Good Grain Baking
  • Her daughter’s coeliac friend was the catalyst to small scale manufacturing supplying the school and a local bakery
  • Tara tells me about the importance of being a free from facility and keeping her bread safe for her coeliac, dairy and egg free, and vegan customers
  • We talk about our love for kitchen gadgets
  • We chat about how you have to be prepared living a free from lifestyle
  • We also chat about how the food scene in London has developed so there are options for those living free from
  • Tara is still figuring out exactly what is triggering her symptoms, but like all of us is keeping positive and is continuing to experiment!
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