The second instalment of the Eczema Survival Guide. In this article Ali White from shares the 9 things she’s discovered over the years of dealing with urticaria that makes such a huge difference in her day to day life. 


Apply any steroid cream you have BEFORE moisturising.


Always moisturise after a bath and shower to lock the water in. If the moisturiser feels tacky just let in sink in.


Always moisturise before bed, night time is a good repair time.


Use the PALM of your hand to moisturise, in a downward movement. Don’t rub, or go up and down as that can irritate the hair follicles and make things worse. I’ve bolded this as it’s really important. You don’t want to further irritate your skin.


If your hands are bad then buy a pair of cotton gloves. Slather emolliate on your hands and wear the gloves overnight. This can make a big difference.


Make sure you have the right antihistamine. I went back to my GP who doubled the dose I was on. I had no idea I was on a low dose of antihistamine…taking the maximum dose has really helped my skin.


Cut your nails short. I scratch at night, in my sleep (argh). Do everything you can to limit the damage you’re doing to your skin.


Cool showers only, and limit baths to 15 minutes. Don’t soak forever, or use very hot water. It will dry out your skin.


Wear breathable clothing. Cotton is your friend, polyester…not so much.

Finally…your skin will always be vulnerable. This is a lifelong regime, not something you do until your eczema calms down. You need to commit to constant moisturising whether you feel you need it or not. Once your skin is dry then you are likely to suffer. Keeping it from getting dry in the first place is the best thing you can do.

Ali White

Ali White

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