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Anne Walsh


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Today I chat with Anne Walsh founder of Allergy Lifestyle and all about her daughter who has a severe nut allergy like me! Anne’s daughter is now entering teen mode and Anne shares how she has prepared her daughter for secondary school, going to school discos and how she is learning to let go and let her daughter spread her wings.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Anne tells me how they found out about their daughter’s allergy at 2 years old!
  • Anne and her family are from Ireland, when their daughter was diagnosed there was not a lot of information available
  • She talks me through how their family life changed, like the shopping trip! (Anne has 4 children…!)
  • She talks me through how they started re-educating themselves and everyone around them
  • Anne talks me through how she’s taught about her daughter about her allergies, how she’s prepared  creches, schools, friends and family
  • We talk about the fine line between educating child about the seriousness of their anaphylaxis but not scaring them into not trying new things
  • We talk about having safe snacks and allergy kids picking first
  • We chat about the importance of friends and making them prepared, such as how to use the adrenaline pens and knowing where to find them
  • Anne and I agree that allergies are always a constant process of education
  • We discuss our views on whether schools and homes should be nut free
  • We chat about the importance of education for the allergy sufferer so that they can keep themselves safe and live a life doing all the normal things
”EAS025: Click To Tweet need to know enough to keep themselves safe but that they can live a normal life without being scared. ” username=”eatallergysafe”]
  • Anne shares the story of when they first went abroad on a family holiday and how they worried and how they prepared
  • Anne shares how as a Mum it’s hard letting go even though you know you need to and you want
  • Anne’s daughter is now at the age she’s going to school discos, I ask Anne about how she started preparing her daughter for being a confident, independent, and capable teenager managing her allergy
  • Lastly, Anne tells me the story of, the how and why it started
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