Today’s Guest:

Felicia Sabartinelli


TWITTER: @FSabartinelli


Today I talk with writer, actress and adult onset allergy suffer Felicia Sabartinelli. Felicia suddenly discovered that she had Oral Allergy Syndrome in her 20s. She has been on quite a journey discovering that ‘healthy’ foods such as raw fruit and vegetables actually cause her to have an anaphylactic reaction. Today we chat about how she discovered her allergies, how she is continuing to discover what can cause her a reaction and how she keeps a positive attitude even in the face the unknown.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Felicia lives and works in Colorado, USA
  • She talks me through how she discovered her allergies in her mid-20s by eating grapes
  • Her allergy testing told her that she had Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS)
  • Over time Felicia has found that her allergies are unpredictable and have become worse over time
  • She tells me why she finds her allergies “fascinating”
  • Felicia tells me how she deals with people not believing her.
  • She tells me about her life changing moment: her reality check and when she started to take her allergy seriously
  • We talk about how we deal with feeling embarrassed telling other people about our allergies
  • We talk about the importance of educating ourselves and other people about allergies
  • Felicia tells me how she manages her allergy when she’s out and about at work, restaurants etc
  • She tells me about why asking questions is incredibly important for her
  • I ask Felicia how she manages the scary feeling of not knowing what she’s allergic to from week to week
  • We also chat about the EpiPen price hike in the USA and the problems associated with it and what possible solutions there could be
  • Felicia’s 3 top tips for adults just diagnosed with allergies:
  1. Investigate and learn about your allergy
  2. Decide how you will look after yourself
  3. Become an advocate



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