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Alessandra Bester


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Today I talk with Alessandra Bester. Firstly, this episode is one of the most inspirational interviews I’ve done to date. Her journey has not been easy battling Coeliac Disease, IBS, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer. She fought for her son’s life; battling his extreme food aversion, teaching him to live with autism, epilepsy and his food, environmental and chemical sensitivities. Alessandra is so humble and shows how strong you can be if you need to be.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Alessandra Bester is the founder of Functional Food Company.
  • She tells me about her personal complicated journey to health with Coeliac Disease, allergies, IBS, fibromalagia Chronic fatigue syndrome, low FODMAP diet, cancer and more.
  • Alessandra tells me about her son, who is diagnosed with autism and epilepsy.
  • She has found that she has needed to learn about and how learning about his health has also shown her about her health.
  • We chat about the importance of eating fresh and wholesome foods especially when it came to curing her of cancer.
  • Alessandra has had to do a lot of research into healing the gut.
  • Alessandra and I talk about how stress, sugar and your environment can affect your body and especially your tummy.
  • I listen as Alessandra tells me the story of healing her son. Up to the age of 5-7 years old Alessandra’s son was was unable to eat, anything that went into his tummy he was reacting to. He was constantly in pain. This led him to be frightened of food, he avoided it and this led to him to become anorexic. Science didn’t have the answers, so Alessandra had to take her son’s health into her own hands.
  • Taking gluten and other foods out of her son’s diet (such as onions, garlic, E numbers and more), Alessandra’s son started to became alert and happy again.
  • However Alessandra’s journey didn’t end there. She talks me through discovering and managing her son’s environmental and chemical allergies and sensitivities.
  • We talk about people’s different responses to allergies and the changes in attitudes over the last 15 years.
  • We talk about the importance of looking after our health and taking ownership and an active role in maintaining healthy and happy bodies.
  • Alessandra tells me the story of how Functional Food Company started (inspired by the treats she developed to get her son to eat).


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