Today’s Guest:

Gwen Smith


TWITTER: @AllergicLiving


What You’ll Learn:

  • Gwen is the founder and editor of Allergic Living Magazine, Canada and USA.
  • Gwen suddenly and shockingly developed allergies as an adult.
  • She talks me through her allergy discovery through a severe reaction to shrimp.
  • She tells me about how she continued to discover more severe allergies to peanuts, soya, …through allergic reactions and allergy testing.
  • We chat about when we were diagnosed back in the early 1990s, there wasn’t that much information out there.
  • We discuss the differences between allergies in children and adults.
  • Gwen shares how her life changed with allergies.
  • We chat about the changes she had to make when food shopping, going out to restaurants, having dinner with friends and family.
  • She talks about her strategies for making sure a meal at a restaurant isn’t all about allergies.
  • Gwen talks me through why she started Allergic Living Magazine and it’s aim.


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Allergic Living Article on Adult Allergies: When Food Allergy Strikes an Adult by Patrick Bennett

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