Today’s Guest:

Janet Hopkins and Hannah Hunter


TWITTER: @FodifyFoods


What You’ll Learn:

  • Janet and Hannah are dieticians specialising in FODMAPs
  • I get taught what FODMAPs are and why some people need to be on a low FODMAP diet
  • Hannah and Janet tell me about their success stories in clinic putting IBS sufferers on a low FODMAP diet
  • Their experiences in the clinic led them to start Fodify Foods!
  • We talk about the spice and herb mixes and sauces that Janet and Hannah have created and why they are great (I’ve tried them and they’re pretty great! 😀 Read my review and recipes here).
  • Hannah and Janet talk me through how they came up with their products and how they’ve kept them FODMAP safe.
  • They tell me how their patients and products are at the front of their thoughts.


Top 3 Tips  When Going on a Low FODMAP Diet


  1. Talk to your doctor to rule out Coeliac Disease
  2. Talk to a dietician
  3. Plan when to do your elimination


  1. Make sure you have snacks available
  2. Make sure you have easy meal options a couple meals a week
  3. Make sure you have support (fellow FODMAPers, dietician, fb groups)


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