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What You’ll Learn:

  • Karen talks me through her difficult journey to a Coeliac Disease as well as lactose intolerance diagnosis and needing to avoid FODMAPs. (She’s still trying to determine some other issues too.)
  • Her Coeliac Disease symptoms were very hard to diagnose because there were a lot of mental changes as well as cramps and toilet issues.
  • She tells me about the numerous number of tests she had to go through before finally getting a diagnosis.
  • We chat about the broad range of symptoms that you can get with Coeliac Disease and why it’s so difficult to diagnose.
  • Karen tells me about how having children has also affected her body.
  • Her oldest child has been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and she suspects her second child is also coeliac.
  • Karen tells me about how they manage not being a completely gluten free house.
  • Karen tells me the story of Safer Eating: how and why she started it.


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