Today’s Guest:

Gemma Allen


TWITTER: @OllieBox


What You’ll Learn:

  • Gemma’s son was diagnose with a cow’s milk protein allergy at 7 months and then in the following few months Oliver was diagnosed with more allergies and intolerances such as coconut and sesame.
  • Gemma is a first time mum and a first time allergy mum, there is no history of allergies in their family.
  • Around the time Oliver was diagnosed with allergies, Gemma was diagnosed with post-natal illness.
  • She talks to me about the difficulties in finding safe snacks.
  • Gemma chats with me about her experience with the doctors, GP’s, health visitors, and dieticians.
  • We talk about the importance of support when you are dealing with allergies and when you are a first time mum.

Advice for Mum’s with Post-Natal Illness and an allergic child: Reach out and talk to people!


Since the interview, Ollie Box has unfortunately had to take a break from production. Ollie Box encountered some problems with manufacturers and storage. At the same time Gemma’s son Oliver had had a few reactions, so, quite rightly, he had to become the priority.

Gemma and her husband are hoping to start Ollie Box again in the future and she says she’ll let me know as soon as they do.


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