Today’s Guest:

My Parents! Robin and Suzie


TWITTER: @eatallergysafe


This week I will be talking to both my parents. We chat about how they had to educate family and friends, whether allergies are a disability or not and how you can raise a confident allergy kid.


What You’ll Learn:

  • How do you talk to people who have to look after you child but who may not believe you: be blunt, explain that allergies and anaphylaxis is a medical condition
  • Take action where you can be present, if you can’t then you have a choice.
  • I people still don’t listen then it’s time to make a decision as to who your friends are
  • No environment is safe, not about policing it’s about education. About educating other people and educating me (the allergy kid)
  • How do you know how much to scare someone so that they listen? Is it about scaring them?
  • It’s about being matter of fact about allergies and asking people to be reasonable and about being reasonable when you ask.
  • About making people understand the importance of following allergy precautions.
  • We discuss the question: are allergies a disability?
  • How do you an enable an allergy child to be confident?
How you know you’ve raised your allergy kid right = when they start educating you, the parent! Click To Tweet


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