Today’s Guest:

My Mum, Suzie


What You’ll Learn:

Mum and I chat about starting primary school with a severe nut allergy, how we made it a normal part of our lives and how we educated ourselves and other people.

  • We talk about the safe guards my parent went through to keep me safe outside of home
  • Mum tells me how she approached my primary and secondary schools about my allergy
  • We chat about the importance of normality in raising an allergy child
  • We talk about going out to eat at restaurants
  • The importance of teaching me how to speak up for myself
  • We chat about how we got my family to take my allergy seriously and the strategies she used to make it so
  • Mum talks about her advice for new parents and what they mean
  • What if you don’t feel confident as a parent to deal with this? Mum says get in touch with an allergy organisation, find other parents in the same situation

Advice for new parents:

  1. Take time to think and plan
  2. Follow your instincts
  3. Fight for your child’s life as and how you think you need to
”Episode Click To Tweet was a constant process of education with every new scenario that food was involved in.” username=”eatallergysafe”]



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