Today’s Guest:

My mum, Suzie Modak


What You’ll Learn:

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Today I will be talking to an allergy mum, but I will be chatting with my mum. You’ll be hearing about our allergy journey and what it was like to raise a child with anaphylaxis to tree nuts and peanuts when the internet was in it’s infancy. We chatted for quite a while, so this is Part 1! 🙂

  • We talk about how we discovered my allergy, unfortunately through error!
  • Mum shares how she started educating others about my allergy
  • She talks me through her “Sleeping Beauty Theory” – (you may have heard me mention this before in interviews with Emma Amoscato and Donna Patterson.)
  • We chat about how she coped with discovering I had a life threatening allergy
  • Mum shares her approach to telling other people about my allergy
Episode 12: A child HAS to own their allergy because otherwise there has to be someone always around constantly looking over their shoulder and thats no way to live. Click To Tweet


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