As the Christmas Season is upon us and the 2017 will be on it’s way very shortly, we are taking time to think about what our new year’s resolution should be.

Our allergic lives can be overshadowed with fear, doubt and frustration. How many labels do we have to check every single bloomin’ day?! Repeating again and again about allergens, what is and is not ok. Watching everything that you haven’t prepared and making sure there is no cross contamination.

Anyone ever had to quickly shout “Wait! Don’t use that knife on that piece of food too, you could kill me or at least make me really ill…!”?

But life with allergies doesn’t have to focus on these negative parts.

Here at Eat Allergy Safe we believe life is made up of SO much more. That’s why we want and need to celebrate our #allergywins!

And you know what?

We did just that.




Back in early November we attended the Allergy & Free From Show in Liverpool. Our aim of the show was to celebrate YOU! To celebrate the things that go right with our allergies! Maybe it was an allergy free birthday cake, a special allergy free dinner prepared by friends or family. If you felt special, it was an #allergywin!

We had a WHOLE wall of our stand dedicated to your #allergywins. It was so inspiring to see and read all of your posts.


One of my favourite #allergywin posts was by a little girl who has coeliac disease, she wrote “My family took me to a restaurant to show me what I can eat.” How wonderful is that!

We even got a mention on twitter and on the Safer Eating Website. Karen Woodford who is also Coeliac wrote a post sharing her Free From Wins.


Yes living with allergies can be stressful. Yes living with allergies can take a lot of organising. Yes living with allergies you do say the same thing over and over again. But there are so many wonderful things that should be celebrated.

Many of the #allergywins put on our wall were quite small. But in our lives, the lives of allergy sufferers and free fromers, the small things are what mean the world to us.

And, the small things should be celebrated!

So how are you going to start 2017?

Start celebrating your #allergywins by sharing yours using the comment box below! 😀

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