In this episode I talk with Donna Patterson about how she has raised confident 3 year old who makes sure no one gives him food he can’t eat.

Today’s Guest:

Donna Patterson

WEBSITE: Nut Allergy Mum

TWITTER: @nutallergymum


What You’ll Learn:

  • Donna shares her journey with her son’s allergies to nuts, peanuts, legumes and beans
  • We chat about how she taught her son to ask everyone about ingredients
  • Donna talks about how friends are important and how they have helped
  • The importance of Facebook groups and support for her
  • We chat about the link between eczema and allergies for Donna’s son
  • Donna tells me how she has taught her son about his allergies and that they were never hidden from him
  • They don’t have a completely allergen free home
  • Learning about allergies means learning about food, cross contamination and other people
  • We talk about the importance of mitigating risk and having an Allergy Action Plan
  • Donna advises, in the case of a reaction, go straight to hospital
  • Donna’s advice to new allergy parents: allergies are manageable, it’s not the end of the world, it won’t always feel like a nightmare, prevention is the way forward


@nutallergymum: We've never hidden his allergy from him. I think that's why he's so in control of it. Click To Tweet


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