Today’s Guest:

Emma Amoscato

WEBSITE: The Free From Farmhouse

TWITTER: @freefromfarm


What You’ll Learn:

  • Emma shares her story with me about raising two children with multiple severe allergies.
  • Some of children’s allergies are not on the top 14 list! Such as garlic…
  • Emma and her husband love to travel and make life an adventure, this hasn’t stopped just because her children have allergies.
  • Emma shares her strategies to make this possible including her planning and research tips and tricks.
  • Educating other people is key.
  • You will learn how Emma makes others more allergy aware so that her children can stay safe.
  • I ask Emma, “How do you trust other people to care for your allergic children?”
  • Emma shares how she deals with other people and their responses to “my children have allergies”
  • Allergen free vs. not allergen free home? Emma tells me why her home is not completely allergen free.
  • When you have two children with allergies they have to learn how to keep each other safe. How does Emma educate her children?


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Emma’s Advice for New Parents:

  1. Trust your instincts
  2. Keep pushing
  3. Keep a diary of symptoms
  4. Look for support (family, friends, groups)
  5. Take a deep breath


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