Today’s Guest:

Natalie Newman

WEBSITE: The Intolerant Gourmand

TWITTER: @IntolerantG

What You’ll Learn:

  • Nathalie’s son has 28 allergies, many of which induce anaphylaxis
  • Callum’s reactions make his eczema flare up
  • Callum started school in September and on Day 3 he has a reaction
  • Training Callum and training the school was paramount.
  • Positives from the reaction: the school followed their training and Callum was fine.
  • With severe allergies, people don’t believe it until they see it.
  • When training the school: spoke plainly to the headmaster, meetings with teachers and school staff, invited to go into the kitchens.
  • Training Callum was incredibly important: Honesty, giving him reasons why he couldn’t have certain foods, teaching him about his allergies and the allergens in all their various forms.
  • Nathalie talks about how she dealt with Callum’s serious food aversion through teaching him to cook
  • It’s important to empower Callum and his peers
  • Rather than banning allergens it’s about explain why certain precautions need to be taken.
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Newly Diagnosed Child with Allergies? Parents, this is Nathalie’s Words of Wisdom for you:

  1. Don’t Panic
  2. Trust Your Gut Instincts
  3. Keep Fighting – Believe in Yourself


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Callum’s Letter on Starting School With Allergies


Callum and Natalie talking about Allergies on Sky News


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