Thanks for joining me for my final video before The Eat Allergy Safe Podcast Launch. Episodes 001, 002, & 003 go live tomorrow morning!

In my first video I shared with you my favourite quote from Michelle Berridale Johnson:

”The Click To Tweet are those people with allergies – Michelle B-Johnson @foodsmatter” username=”eatallergysafe”]

In my last video I shared with you fantastic tips from Ali White of about how to tell other people about allergies, including how she taught her daughter to deal with the school bullies.

Dealing w/ bullies & telling others about allergies 1) Stay Calm 2) Set Boundaries 3) Stand Up For Yourself @allergymumscouk Click To Tweet

So now it’s time time for my third and final video and I’ll tell you a little bit about Episode 001 and how Nathalie Newman of prepared her son, with 28 severe allergies, for school.



Tomorrow morning at 05:00 am GMT, the Eat Allergy Safe Podcast is launching and there will be 3 (!!) episodes for you to listen to.

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Before I go, please share this video with your friends, your family, colleagues so that we can work together and make allergies and invisible diseases more well known and our worlds more allergy safe.

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