100 Day Research Project Update: Day 22/100

22 days ago we started our 100 days research project.


Our aim: to find out what the biggest challenges are living with allergies and how to solve them.

On our previous post, which you can read here, we had some great notes from you sharing your stories.

We saw a number of different challenges such as the trials of finding safe products or recipes. But by far the biggest challenge was HOW to tell other people about your allergies and dietary needs.


We were moved by the honesty of your stories and the challenges you face. 


The next part of our project was HOW to solve these challenges.

Perhaps articles or an e-book would be good, but somehow they seemed a little impersonal.

Maybe get an artist to draw up cartoon strips? This seemed like a better idea, but still not quite enough.

We continued to brainstorm.


Then we realised… Whenever you are confused/stressed/happy you want to talk to someone.

A conversation with a friend who understands is often the best form of comfort, support and solutions! You can vent, get advice and share your happiness…. You always feel better after that.


That’s when, WE HAD IT!!

Why not create a podcast?!


Why not learn from people who have lived through the challenges of their allergy journey and come through the other side!


We have been SO excited that Nina has already been in contact with veterans and influencers in the allergy world for interviews, we can’t wait to introduce them to you!

We have a lot to do in the next 78 days but we’re ready and hope you can join us too!


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The Eat Allergy Safe Podcast Checklist:

  • Send out email announcement to Eat Allergy Safe Community 🙂 
  • Redesign website so that it can have a podcast on it
  • Create podcast cover artwork -> we hope you can help with this!?
  • Get first 10 interviews confirmed: 7/10 DONE!
    • Get 3 more guest interviews confirmed -> have you got any ideas for us? Comment below.
  • Record and edit Episode 000: “About”
  • Record and edit first 10 podcast episodes
  • Upload finished episodes to server
  • Set up iTunes and Soundcloud accounts
  • Publish to iTunes and Soundcloud!!
  • Tell everyone we know! 😀
**Podcast Launch Date: 31st October 2016**

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Sign up to our email list to get updates
  2. Like us on Facebook -> we’ll be putting a poll up so you can help us choose our artwork cover.
  3. Send us an email with any suggestions for guests, topics and ideas you have
  4. Tell all your friends!

It’s not nice to face an allergy journey alone. The more popular we can make this podcast, the more people know about it and the better chance we have to support fellow allergy sufferers and those following a free from lifestyle!

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