Stuck for gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? Look no further, we have a fun, easy and thoughtful gift idea that will have your Valentine swooning at your thoughtfulness and that you’ve found a gift that’s allergy free!

Dairy free chocolates are a great way to say I love you. They’re even better when they are handmade and covering strawberries!

This gift is also a fun activity to do with the kids. Show them how you can be creative with food whether they have allergies or not. The best bit is a yummy dairy free chocolate gift to share with those they love: Mum and Dad, Grandma and Grandad, Aunties or Uncles.

dairy free chocolate dipped strawberries vegan gluten free nut free


What you will need:

18 fresh strawberries (approx 300g), washed

18 kebab skewers

50g Dairy free Plain Chocolate

50g Dairy free White Chocolate

Baking paper covered tray

Presentation paper to wrap your finished bouquet


Ribbon or twine to tie your finished bouquet


  1. Melt your chocolate in a glass or ceramic bowl over a pan with some barely simmering water – make sure the water doesn’t touch the bottom of your bowl. Keep stirring the chocolate. Turn the heat off under the pan when the chocolate has half melted and continue to stir until completely melted.
  2. Insert one skewer into the leafy top of each strawberry.
  3. Dip each strawberry into some of your melted chocolate.
  4. Place on your baking paper covered tray to cool. Leave until the chocolate is set. (To speed up the process, you can put your tray of chocolate covered strawberries into the fridge for 5-10mins.)
  5. Once the chocolate is melted, arrange your strawberries on your presentation paper. Fold the right side over and then the left side, secure with some sellotape.
  6. Now tie your ribbon around the stems. Et voila! Your very own edible bouquet to gift to someone special!

dairy free chocolate dipped strawberries vegan gluten free nut free