Thinking about allergy challenges…our 100 day research project.

Nina addressing allergy challenges Eat Allergy Safe at the Allergy and Free From Show Liverpool

Eat Allergy Safe at the Allergy and Free From Show North 2015

Nina here (founder of Eat Allergy Safe). I have been thinking a lot about the future of Eat Allergy Safe. I believe it should be a company dedicated to serving the needs of allergy sufferers.

Over the next 100 days, I have set myself the mission to find out how we can start serving you better and addressing your allergy challenges.

Please help me in my research by reading this short post.

There are a couple questions at the end (takes less than 2 minutes to answer!)

Thank you!



Do you or a family member have allergies/intolerances/coeliac disease/special dietary restrictions?

I do. I have anaphylaxis to tree nuts and peanuts, and I am gluten intolerant. My nut allergy was discovered when I was 9 months old when I had a reaction to peanut butter – pretty scary for my Mum.

Living with anaphylaxis has many challenges day to day. Not to mention big problems when I’ve had a reaction.

Over my life, I have learned how to deal with them and adapt. My parents protected me as a child,  raised me and taught me how to look after myself and own my allergy. Helping others learn about their allergies is one of my passions.

Sadly, allergies are on the rise. For new allergy sufferers,  many are being diagnosed with multiple extreme allergies and intolerances. Some of these can be quite surprising and shocking. How do you deal with these multiple allergies and the difficulties that arise?

allergy challenge 100 day research project nina modak eat allergy safe

100 Days Research Project

We’re doing research into the topic: What allergy challenges do YOU face and what solutions can we find?

Why 100 days? Because in truth we need a deadline to work to. We want to be able to present our findings to you, and without a deadline, we won’t know when to start showing you what we’ve found.

Want updates? Every 10 days I will be sending out an email with how we’re getting on, the challenges we’re facing on our journey and how we’re overcoming them. If you would like to receive updates, please sign up to our newsletter below.


Allergies don’t have cures yet, that’s why we rely on each other, the allergy community. Most wisdom has come through trial and error and sharing stories.


With YOUR help, myself and the Eat Allergy Safe  team are going to start a project addressing your biggest allergy challenges. Please help us start our 100 day research project; there is just ONE question I need you to answer…


What is your BIGGEST hair pulling frustration and challenge you have living with allergies?



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