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In the last couple weeks, journalists from many major newspapers have been reporting on the results of a new study investigating the early introduction of allergens into an infants diet. EAT (Enquiring About Intolerances) state “The EAT Study is testing the hypothesis that the introduction of six allergenic foods into the diet of infants from 3 months of age, alongside continued breastfeeding, results in a reduced prevalence of food allergies by 3 years of age.” The results seem promising; early introduction of peanut proteins to high risk children saw a reduced proportion developing a peanut allergy compared to complete avoidance. But as with research of this nature, longer term affects are unknown.

Early exposure to peanuts ‘cuts allergy risk in children’

By the NHS


Early introduction of peanuts and eggs cuts allergy risk, study finds

By Nicola Davis for The Guardian


Pioneering approach to prevent peanut allergies in children provides ongoing protection, study shows

By Lenny Bernstein for The Washington Post


With allergies on the rise, allergy friendly eating establishments are also on the rise! Yay! Let’s see who the new kids on the block are….In London, the first nut free, dairy free ice cream parlour has now opened – Heaven! In Boston, an allergy friendly gourmet bakery has now become a permanent vendor at Boston Public Market.


Yorica Soho: London now has its first allergen-free restaurant

By Hatty Collier for the Evening Standard

Allergy-free bakery joins Boston Public Market vendors

By Megan McGinnes for boston.com


In other news…

In Isreal, those with life threatening allergies are going to be granted exemption from military draft after the death of a soldier.

IDF to Grant Draft Exemptions for Nut Allergy


New study has shown that hydrolysed baby formulas promoted to reduce risk of allergies don’t actually do so. It is believed that there has been bias due to finance from baby formula manufacturers.

Baby milk formula ‘doesn’t reduce risk of allergies’

For the Clithroeadvertiser.co.uk


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