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Oral Immunotherapy has been getting a lot of press of over the last couple weeks. In America, this controversial new therapy is the closest thing to a ‘cure’ on the market. Why is it controversial? It involves feeding your allergic child the allergen to build up their tolerance. There have been success stories but it is not without its risks. There are reactions and anaphylactic attacks for some under going this procedure. It seems that although it is being presented as a cure, it is as the name suggests, an immunotherapy. It is building up tolerance and these children will need to keep eating doses of the allergen every day for the rest of their lives to keep up their tolerance.

The comments following the articles provide an interesting balance to the articles. See particularly the comment left by Director of FARE in the Wall Street journal article, it highlights how all newspaper articles should be taken with a pinch of salt, because facts may be misrepresented.

**Please note, oral immunotherapy treatment should ONLY be performed in a hospital under  the supervision of trained medical professionals with necessary emergency medicine immediately available.**


A Controversial Treatment for Peanut Allergies 

Patients get increasing doses of peanuts until they no longer suffer allergic reactions.

By Sumathi Reddy for the Wall Street Journal


Oral Immunotherapy Can Reverse Children’s Food Allergies By 100 Percent; May Be Combined With Therapy A Study Reveals

By Diane Ting for the Parent Herald


More research is being done into what causes allergies and why it is more of a Western problem. Theories include environmental factors, not being introduced to the necessary bacteria as a child, the age children are weened and the foods they are weened with. Can we learn anything from our African neighbours? and what have the Australians found out?

Nigeria: How Traditional Practices in Nigeria Can Put a Stop to an Increase in Allergies

By Oyebola Oyesola, Cornell University for AllAfrica.com


Australia’s high rate of childhood food allergies linked to environment: Study

For 9 News Australia


Personal stories are an important part of the allergy and coeliac community. It is how we work together to learn and manage our allergies or our children’s allergies. So here are a few stories we found this week.


Stop Making Light of the Gluten-Free Diet

By Alice Bast, CEO of Beyond Celiac, for HuffPost Blog

Mum Shares Heartbreaking Warning About Kids’ Food Allergies After Son’s Near-Fatal Reaction To Peanuts

By Amy Packham for Huff Post Parents, UK


Mum Ella Dixon, 31, tells how her daughter Violet suffers from a severe nut allergy

For the Echo News, Essex


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